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We fill 94% of our jobs with staff
that we’ve used before. If we
haven’t used them before, we
will tell you up front.


We are a regional player with a
national reach and can provide
our clients with total UK coverage.


We know you’re busy and need
a quick decision which is why we
promise to always give our clients
an answer within the hour.


We know where to get good
people. Our database has been
built up over the last ten years
and now exceeds over 150k
workers. We also know the bad!


The team here at Valuestaff share
over 100 years of trades and labour
recruitment experience, which means
we’ve pretty much seen it all – and
nothing phases us. We’d put our
team up against any of our
competition, UK wide.


We are proud of our strong client
relationships. Many of which (60+)
exceed over 10 years of supply.


We take good care of our workers
and in return they offer us their
trust and hard work. We take their
calls out of hours and we know how
important getting paid on a Friday,
which is why in our ten years of
business we have never missed a
payment to any of our workers.

Clients: We Make It Easy

We do everything we can to make the process of doing business with Valuestaff as simple and easy as possible:

  • With a combined 100+ years of experience nothing surprises or phases our team.
  • We will let you know within the hour if we can’t fill a booking.
  • We won’t overcharge or take the mick. We offer a fair market rate.
  • We will resolve problems quickly – within the hour.
  • If we don’t know the worker – we will always tell you up front.
  • We have a simple one signature supply contract.
  • We offer flexible credit limits and payment terms.
  • You will work with a single, dedicated Account Manager.
  • We offer flexible invoicing options to meet your needs.
  • We don’t skip a beat. We work at pace to get the job done.
  • We have an established database of over 150,000 workers.
  • We keep in touch. You can expect three calls a week and regular face to face meetings.
  • We have one eye on the road ahead and anticipate and resolve any problems.
  • Our honest and transparent approach means we never under deliver.


We get you are short for time and no one wants to fill out endless forms which is why we’ve fast tracked the process of working with us to make it as simple and easy as possible for our workers:

  • We provide a fast, efficient three-minute registration process for all.
  • We’re always on the end of the phone. You’re not 9-5, neither are we.
  • We listen and offer jobs that work for you, on your terms.
  • We have your back. We ensure you are fully prepared for every opportunity.
  • We pay you, on time, every Friday. Guaranteed.
  • We make sure we understand you and what you need.
  • We will never stand in the way of a permanent job offer.
  • We will always do our best to offer you choice.
  • We know the best clients and Site Managers that suit your needs.
  • You will always have our mobile number and we always pick up.
  • We tell you as it is and will never keep you in the dark.
  • We don’t shy away from the tough conversations.
  • We pay a fair, honest wage and always what we agreed.
  • We give honest feedback: The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.
  • You are critical to us. We promise honesty and hard work.

We are in the business of people and our values are very important to us.

We Care.

Yes, everyone claims to care, but the team here at Valuestaff genuinely do. We care as much about our workers as we do our clients.

We back up our words with actions every single day. The team will regularly go above and beyond for our workers, our clients and for one another to get the job done. It’s just who we are.

We are a team who take pride in what we do. This isn’t a 9-5 job for us. Our actions can impact people’s businesses and livelihoods which is why we work so hard to deliver on our promise to our workers and our clients every, single, time.

We Are Tough.

We are resilient (let’s face it, you have to be in this game). We are brave and we are determined. We will not shy away from having the tough conversations with you and we will always work hard to find exactly what you are looking for.

We Are Real.

You can always rely on our team to
be 100% honest with you. We all share a straight-talking approach so you can be sure you’re always in the picture. But we also pride ourselves on really getting to know to our clients and workers and what you are all about and when we bump into you at the pub on Friday night, we will absolutely be joining you for a drink. As long as its not a fancy wine bar, that’s just not us.

We ARE Proud.

We are a hard-working and supportive bunch who genuinely take care of one another. We know that together we are stronger and will always roll up our sleeves and muck in to help one another.

Yes, we are driven by results and hungry for success but equally we believe life is too short not to have some fun along the way, so will always do our best to keep things positive always with a smile on our face.

Meet the Team

Gregg Marrett

Managing Director

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Wayne Benton

Senior Consultant

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Catherine Weston

Office Manager

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Adam Huntington

Senior Labour Manager

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Michelle Burnett

Senior Consultant

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