Valuestaff are a recruitment agency with a difference; we are driven to make sure everyone’s happy. This is a mindset you are unlikely to find anywhere else – it is a dedication to delivering a recruitment service that makes everyone feel happy whenever they use Valuestaff.

We love what we do and this is reflected in our service that is simple and efficient. If our clients are happy and our workers are happy, then so are we.

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The recipe for success…

We have been trading for 7 years and the clue to our success is in our name. From day one we have been providing Value in everything we do for our clients and candidates.

It’s not necessarily cost driven recruitment; when you look at the vast overheads of many of our competitors, it is not hard to see why we are usually more competitive when we supply the same workers that may be registered with multiple recruiters! We figure that our clients will be happier if they are paying less for the same worker.

Our workers are of course the lifeblood of our business and we believe a happier workforce will be a more productive and valued temporary member of our clients’ businesses. We treat them with respect, pay them the ‘going rate’ and pay them on time. When we visit our clients we’ll also speak to our workers and make sure they are happy in their assignments.

This approach isn’t hard to do and takes a little more time than other recruiters might want to spend with their workers; that’s okay at Valuestaff because we are dealing with people, not just a service.


No problems, just solutions!

ValueStaff have been making everyone happy in multiple sectors across the UK since 2009. From our office in central Birmingham you only need to read our client testimonials to realise you don’t need the costs of multiple offices to service distant locations.

We provide temporary workers and permanent staffing solutions to clients large and small. Temporary workers can be supplied from as little as one day to many months depending on the requirement whilst permanent positions can be filled quickly and cost effectively with our Perm offering.

Unlike many others, we will treat the smallest clients with the same dedication as our larger ones to stay true to our premise of making everyone happy. This approach nurtures strong client relationship and we enjoy a high proportion of repeat business as a result.

  • Construction Main Contractors
  • Construction Sub Contractors
  • Shop Fitting & Interiors
  • Demolition & Asbestos
  • Facilities Management
  • Industrial, Warehouse & Logistics
  • Mechanical & Electrical
  • Office & Support
  • Property & Surveying
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Plant Operators
  • Temporary & Permanent


You’ll be glad to know it is really simple – whether you need them for a day, week, month or you simply don’t know contact our team today to discuss your needs.

If we can help, which we usually can, we will agree an hourly rate for the temporary workers. We’ll update you on who we are going to send, and you will need to sign and send back our Terms and Conditions. Each week you will receive an invoice for the hours agreed on the workers timesheet. That’s about it. And we will do it again and again to a high standard so you keep coming back.

Feel free to hire, or off hire, temporary workers as you choose. Helping your business to do whatever it does best. Other agencies may suggest it is far more complicated, but do you really want to know about our detailed selection process when most temps are registered with multiple agencies?

Rest assured that we comply with all the relevant employment legislation – we have to – it’s the law.

Call the team on 0844 372 9599 and everyone’s happy.


You will be delighted to know that we apply our everyone’s happy philosophy of providing value for money and keeping it simple to recruiting on a permanent basis.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (and save!) by placing your vacancy with us, even if you have a preferred supplier.

Most recruiters use the same methods of candidate attraction, only we’ll do it cheaper, and usually faster. ‘Time is money’ after all. Unlike other recruiters, our fees are transparent, clear and value for money, based on basic salary only.


Meet the team...


Gregg Marrett

Managing Director
Bonnie Bowron

Bonnie Bowron


Lyndsey Feldman

Office Manager
Chelsea Guy

Chelsea Guy

Big Kev

Keavan Myers

Harry Sharrard

Harry Sharrard

Labour Manager

The proof of the pudding…

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Head Office:
4th Floor White House
111 New Street
B2 4EU
0844 372 9599


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